In 2010 Righetti Ridolfi, world leader in the production of kart accessories, bought the All Kart brand.


The purpose of the company in Sona, nearby Verona, has been from the beginning  “go back to the top, where a brand that made the karting history has to be, aiming at innovation, production, quality and new business strategies” says Giampaolo Righetti, the owner of Righetti Ridolfi together with the brother Maurizio.


The first year was dedicated to prepare a chassis through many tests on track, a kart that could go back to racing right away. So at the beginning of 2011 the new All Kart is ready for competitions: the same historical logo, new body decal kit and a chassis with the typical “British” dark green, inspired by the drawing of the frame used by Jarno Trulli to win the 1991 World championship.


In order to produce and create the chassis, Righetti Ridolfi has two different buildings in Sona which measure 2,000 and 1,500 square meters where more than 2700 different items are made and sold in more than 87 countries all over the World. The Italian company organized a structure that can bring back All Kart immediately to high levels. All chassis are built inside its walls: from the first drawing to the shipping packaging, including cutting, bending and welding. Craftsmanship and new technologies meet together to offer the best product for kart drivers. Because all All Kart chassis are subjected to a lot of experiments, researches and developments as a result of extensive track tests. Chassis which at the end are sold through a new dealer network in Italy and all over the world.


All Kart also has a Racing Team equipped to follow completely the drivers at every moment. Drivers who are ready to add more trophies to the already rich All Kart’s collection, like their predecessors did. Because every day which goes by All Kart is closer to come back as the reference point of the karting world.


If you want to become an All Kart dealer:

-          Please send an email to

-          Please phone to 0039.045.6080950